3D/4D Design

3D/4d design

True collaboration starts with a clearly defined vision that can be seen, felt and experienced before it is built.

Better Events VR creates a  digital twin of your venue, event, sporting, or tourism environment/ infrastructure in 3D enabling an immersive VR experience that replicates the real-world.

Engage and connect with your audience through cutting edge visuals and gaming technology that drive efficient decision making. 

Create 3D true and accurate design of tourism and travel destinations enabling persons to explore remotely.

Introduce interactive 4D planning to validate build timeline, project visualisations and scenario simulations while mitigating risks and issues before build or operations commence.

Support your workforce with an accurate, engaging, realistic, and fully immersive environment to support contingency plans and scenario testing.

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  • Connect remotely, live collaboration
  • True and Accurate Design
  • 4D Timeline review (movement)
  • Digital Engineering and asset placement
  • Secure Version control
  • Remote site visits for quick decision making
  • Easy to use software and design features
  • Multi-layer security access control


  • Integrated Asset Management Software for accurate procurement
  • Design integration into VR Training- for digital education
  • Accurate Staff Placement and crowd modelling
  • Support scenarios reviews and simulation exercises
  • Clear line of sight from any location
  • Identification of Legacy projects within a master design
  • Stunning 3D Visual Venue Presentation


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