Better Events VR creates your venue, event, sporting, or tourism environment in virtual reality enabling an immersive or interactive experience that replicates the real-world.

From advanced e-learning to fully immersive experiences Better Events VR provides state-of-the-art virtual worlds creating experiential, active, true ‘hands-on’ experiences. 

A full simulated and immersive experience can replicate noise, weather and other hazards allowing the user to acclimatise to the conditions they will be working in while doing so in a safe environment


Introduce your workforce to accurate, engaging, realistic, and fully immersive training scenarios.

Training in VR has been proven too far exceed traditional teaching methods which are particularly valuable in high-risk, high-stress environments and enabling training of large multi stakeholder groups on-site or remotely. 

Your training time is reduced while achieving a higher memory retention of information.


  • VR Training- High Risk exercises in a safe environment
  • VR Training- Group Dynamics
  • VR Training- High Performance Sport
  • VR Training- Simulators
  • VR Advanced E Learning
  • Immersive VR
  • Interactive VR
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – compatible with other systems


Engage and connect with your audience through cutting edge visuals and gaming technology that drives innovation and performance.

Our VR technology generates realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual environment providing a true immersive experience.

  • True and accurate designs – computer simulated environments
  • Cutting edge visuals and gaming technology
  • Conduct site orientation and familiarisation before travelling
  • Spectator Engagement – VR Gamified
  • Immersive and engaging brand experiences
  • 360’ video capture
  • Experience the world without travelling to the destination
  • Virtual Events and Experiences

Our virtual reality experiences can be viewed on multiple platforms such as:

Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, advanced e-learning and room-scale interactive VR.


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